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From what began as a small, entrepreneurial automotive supplier in 1959, SAMMITR has grown to be a leading Thai manufacturing company, producing and distributing innovative products under its own “SMM” brand. SAMMITR were the first manufacturer of automotive leaf springs in Thailand. Our company has continually upgraded our personnel, production technology and R&D in order to provide the best possible products and solutions for our customers.
We adhere to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX)’s sufficiency economy philosophy by achieving sustainable growth through self-reliance. We strive to continue our contribution towards the healthy growth of the Thai economy for many years to come.

1959 - 2030+

Our Background

SAMMITR began as the first manufacturer of automotive leaf springs in Thailand. A small and entrepreneurial automotive original equipment manufacturer supplier in 1959, and expanded our product range to produce and distribute car and truck body parts, moulds and fixtures for auto makers under our own “SMM” brand.


We are Thailand's leading company for transport products and solutions for the automotive and logistics industry. We serve our customers along the supply chain, providing support and services in R&D, Design, Sourcing, Quality Assurance, Production, Sales, Distribution, and After Sales Service.

Moving Forward

We will excel in delivering value to every aspect of our customer’s international automotive logistic needs. Our innovative automotive technologies will underpin our solutions which will deliver excellent customer satisfaction. We will continue investing in our capability and technology to ensure that we stand ready to meet our customer’s current
and future needs.

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