SAMMITR Group sets out to penetrate ASEAN market Creating new business model with its strength in integrated Logistics Solutions

SAMMITR, one of ASEAN’s leaders in the automotive industry and comprehensive Logistics Solutions, has integrated its business arms under the umbrella of SAMMITR Group Holding to reinforce its business base in order to penetrate the rest of the international market. Sammitr has also developed a new business model to respond to rapid changes in industry and offer a full-range of Logistics Solutions. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key pillar for the company’s enhanced capabilities in connecting products, services, customers and strategic partners through O2O business (Offline-to-Online). SAMMITR has set a goal to become the No. 1 in ASEAN Automotive Logistics Solutions within 2024.

Mr. Yongyout Posirisuk, Managing Director of SAMMITR Group Holding and President of SAMMITR Motor Manufacturing Public Company Limited, stated that SAMMITR started business as the first automotive leaf spring manufacturer in Thailand. It is proudly a Thai-owned company with production facilities in Thailand, China and Indonesia. Continued growth has helped the company to establish SMM as a Thai brand that is now recognized internationally. Today, SAMMITR is recognized as the leader in various industry segments and is known as a Tier-1 supplier of auto parts and accessories to global automotive companies, and is also Thailand’s No. 1 manufacturer of truck and trailer bodies.

Recently, SAMMITR has set up new businesses offering innovative products, services and one-stop service solutions.

Anticipating changing economy and industry trends and in time for SAMMITR’s celebration of 60 years of operations in 2019, SAMMITR has refreshed its brand identity, adopting the concept “Automotive Logistics Solutions for Life's Connections”. In addition, SAMMITR has restructured its businesses under SAMMITR Group Holding Co., Ltd by merging its more than 22 subsidiaries. The new business structure is designed to further strengthen business synergies and opportunity and, through the adoption of IoT, enables the company to connect products and services in the form of O2O as well as linking clients and strategic partners in our supply chain. SAMMITR has developed a new business model to achieve its ambitious goal of becoming the No. 1 in integrated Logistics Solutions.

SAMMITR Group Holding consists of 8 business units:

  1. Truck and Trailer Business Unit: SAMMITR is recognized as the No. 1 in the market thanks to the quality of its products, which are made from advanced materials. The products are lightweight, offering customers advantages though lowering total cost of ownership, improved safety and a lifetime chassis warranty for their asset. In 2017, SAMMITR extended its business model from manufacturer to service provider, collaborating with its leading strategic partner, PTG Energy Public Company Limited, to establish SMM Pro Truck and currently provides a standardized maintenance service center for trucks and trailers. To date, 10 SMM Pro Truck centers have opened across Thailand.
  2. The Auto Parts Business Unit has 60 years of experience in the manufacture of truck leaf springs and parts and is well-known in the local and international markets. Currently, the products are available through more than 1,000 shops nationwide. Strategic partners include Knorr Bremse, a German manufacturer of braking systems; Hendrickson, a leading US manufacturer of air suspension systems; Jost, a German manufacturer of truck and trailer parts; and Bapcor Limited, Australasia's leading provider of automotive aftermarket parts, accessories, automotive equipment and services. Moreover, the group and Bapcor Limited formed a joint venture company so-called Car Biz (Thailand) in late 2017 for auto parts distribution under the ‘Burson’ brand and now has 4 outlets in Ekkachai (Bang Bon), Bangna, Ramkhamhaeng, and Pathum Thani.
  3. Pickup Conversation or Modified Pickup Business Unit is a manufacturer of steel canopy for pickup trucks, dry-van (delivery vehicles) and refrigerated trucks, as well as accessories for modified pickup trucks including suspension and body parts. In late 2018, the company was awarded Qualified Vehicle Modifier status (QVM) from Ford Motor Company for its quality canopy and dry van accessories.
  4. OEM Group (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Business Unit supplies auto parts, equipment and accessories and has deep expertise in production systems and production management standards. SAMMITR is recognized as a Tier-1 supplier to multiple leading global automotive manufacturers. SAMMITR further expanded its business to become an OEM distributor into related automotive sectors, including airport ground support equipment (GSE) for SINFONIA Technology Co., Ltd. from Japan.
  5. The Green Energy Business Unit has partnered with PTT Public Company Limited to develop Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) systems that allow vehicles to operate bi-fuel systems – gasoline and CNG simultaneously. It is the only Thai manufacturer that successfully designs, engineers and supplies a CNG system for Japan's leading car makers. In addition, SAMMITR is currently developing electric vehicles (EV) for Thailand and the region in partnership with international leading automotive brands.
  6. The International Business Unit started investing in China in 1992 and the Chinese operation is now known as SAMMITR Group China Headquarters. Commencing with research & development (R&D) and sourcing  for the intra and inter SAMMITR group supply chain, the company later expanded support the supply of components and sub-assemblies for the dump truck and trailer market in CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam). SAMMITR has entered into joint ventures with a strategic partner in key ASEAN markets of  Indonesia and the Philippines to support its international growth.
  7. Other business Units include companies that provide B2B and B2C services in specialized transport for compressed natural gas and in tourist mobility packages through Smart Drive by SAMMITR. The aim is to expand its business base to B2C through the service business under the SAMMITR brand.
  8. SSM Digital Platform;  a Cloud-based platform developed by SAMMITR for both passenger transport and logistics, includes vehicle monitoring systems for trucks and trailers, preventive and ad-hoc maintenance, vehicle use as well as driver behavior. The system connects and collates data from monitored vehicles. As the fleet grows, the system will connect hundreds of thousands of trucks and trailers and serve as a platform for suppliers and consumers to improve the supply chain in order to maintain and improve safety, value for money, on-time deliveries and utilization for the logistics sector. The SSM Digital Platform will strengthen the competitiveness of manufacturers and suppliers and fulfill the needs of logistics providers.

SAMMITR’s SSM Digital Platform, the "Logistics Solution for Life's Connection" model is an integrated Logistics Solutions service. This new business model will shape the logistics and transport businesses of Thailand and ASEAN in the future and promote continued growth of the logistics industry. SAMMITR realizes that logistics will not only focus on transportation but have a broader impact by connecting other aspects of daily life and the economic ecosystem, as a key driver for the country's future economic growth.

“The restructuring of SAMMITR is a crucial move because it is synergizes the strengths of all business arms, through creating linkages between subsidiaries, strategic partners and customers under a common vision. From now, SAMMITR is moving forward to become an automotive leader in Thai and regional Logistics Solutions through operating an end to end supply chain product and service solutions that covers research and development, design, supply of raw materials, production as well as guaranteed through life support.”

Mr. Yongyout added that the logistics are very important to most industry segments. SAMMITR is determined to assume the position as number 1 in the Automotive Logistics Solutions in ASEAN and become the leader in one-stop Logistics Solutions for trucks and trailers within 2024. Future growth will be driven by expansion to ASEAN countries that are rapidly developing infrastructure projects including roads, expressways, bridges, railways, airports, and irrigation systems. The growing demand for trucks and trailers, and the rapid and continued growth of the e-commerce business both in Thailand and ASEAN, is driving the fast-growing logistics business.




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