Group Information

Dr. Chao Posirisuk

Message from Chairman

With more than 60 years’ experience in the Thai automotive industry, SAMMITR has developed new innovations and served our customers with quality services. This commitment resonates with our philosophy to become a “One stop logistics solution provider”. Aside from satisfying our customers at all levels, we achieve sustainable growth through self-reliance. We recognize that logistic costs continue to rise and have therefore pursued research and energy alternatives to reduce such costs. Internet of Things (IOT) technology allows SAMMITR to create significant opportunities for our customers to improve their business operations and services. SAMMITR’s IOT solution platform will deliver state-of-the-art mobility services, integrated information and communication technology solutions to launch B2B and B2C smart services.

Our Vision

To be the Leader in International Logistics Transport Connectivity and Automotive Business.

Our Mission

Connecting our Customers through Comprehensive Logistic Solutions.

Our Brand Promise

We will excel in every aspect of our customer’s automotive logistic needs.

Our Brand Values


Ensuring everyone is safe at all times is always our top priority


Following strict quality review processes and Quality Control principles to ensure the quality and reliability of the components, equipment, processes and procedures are working perfectly


Moving forward to develop and implement technologies that boost efficiency and productivity


Striving to apply automotive technology in news ways to build superior customer products and solutions


Sincere passion and transparency drives our people.


Looking out for tomorrow by working diligently today using the best materials, processes and innovations to reduce / eliminate our waste


Commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other.

Positioning Statement

Understanding the SMM Group

For your automotive and logistic needs, SAMMITR Group is the market leader and longest serving business in many of its markets, providing innovative products and services focused on quality, safety and reliability for professionals and end consumers using sustainable methods.

SAMMITR Group offers a complete range of products and services to ensure your automotive needs are met and we exceed your service expectations.


Our methodology for success